About Unit 27

About Unit 27

Your New Home

Unit 27 Dubai is committed to you, and make no mistake about that! We’re not a facility in which you just turn up, exercise and go home, no way – This is a family! So expect us to take an interest in you, how you are as a person and be there for you whenever you may need us, this is family, always!.

Our Commitment To You

We like the ‘Old School’ approach here and believe that the customer ALWAYS comes first. You will always be treated in a respectful, polite, professional manner. We exist to serve you, not the other way round. Our Facility is full with brand new, state of the art equipment.

Our classes are ALWAYS limited in size, ensuring that the instructor/client ratio is always optimum and you receive continual support and motivation. Our sessions concentrate on power, mobility, strength and above all correct form and injury prevention.

Our facility is kept spotlessly clean and all equipment is sanitised after every session.

The Unit 27 Team

The Team

Unit 27 instructors are polite, motivating, knowledgeable and passionate about working with you to reach the goals you're personally looking to achieve. Our instructors are English speaking, western qualified, always approachable and guarantee to meet you with a smile! We will coach and encourage you to achieve the very best from yourself through positive reinforcement, form correction, moti [...]

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Unit 27 Dubai Opening

The Mission

As you may have noticed across our website we consistently stress that Unit 27 is different to other gyms, and we will always stand by it. For 8 years in one of the most competitive fitness based markets in the world we have held our spot at number one, and this is something we consistently work on to ensure it remains. Unit 27 Dubai will follow that same reputation, ensuring that you, Th [...]

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Unit 27 Facility Photo

Contact Us

Got a question that needs an answer? Feel free to send us an email to jump on the waiting list, or to find out more about Unit 27 Dubai. Address: Mag Warehouse No. S05-105, Al Quoz Logistic Park, Dubai, UAE Email:[email protected] " [...]

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Fitness · Dubai

So, we have finally made the move and instead of you having to fly to Thailand every year to be part of one of the best fitness experiences in the world, you can now come to us every morning if you’re local to Dubai or if you’re visiting, enjoy the beauty of Dubai and train at one of the best gyms in the world!

Just as we do in Thailand we are promising you the professional, safe and world famous Unit 27 experience. If you haven’t been with us before, then welcome, we can’t wait to show you how rewarding and enjoyable fitness can be!

Check out the link below to see Unit 27 Dubai’s blog which will soon be populated with training tips, weight loss tips, diet advice, upcoming events and so much more!

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Unit 27 Dubai Opening

Unit 27 Dubai Grand Opening

An awesome turn out for Unit 27 Dubai's grand opening. Laughter, sweat and enjoyment was had by all with a turn out of over 80 Troopers, we can't thank you enough! Please feel free to take the photos from below, and be sure to tag us on Instagram for a repost! https://www.instagram.com/unit27dubai/ [...]

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Unit 27 Has Deployed To Dubai!

Since opening in 2013 in Phuket, Thailand, one of the most competitive fitness based markets in the world, Unit 27 has become a globally recognized name with members coming from all over the world, offering a unique fitness experience that remains unrivalled in the industry. We are now happy to announce that Unit 27 is franchising and our first stop is Dubai, in a fresh new facility boasting state of the art equipment. As a brand, we cannot wait to provide you with the same unique fitness experience with renowned instructors direct from Thailand making sure you get the full physical, mental and social experience of Unit 27. Total C [...]

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