Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

Rapid fire is our signature strength and conditioning class which incorporate weights and cardio, hence the phrase – Strength and Conditioning.
Our focus switches daily from Strength to Power to Endurance etc.. Each day providing you with an elite environment of training – FOR ANY LEVEL.

This is a great way for you to generate excellent results, in a sociable, safe and elite manner!

Rapid Fire

Rapid fire is all about strength and conditioning and everyday we have a different focus. The focused sessions allow you to improve in specific areas, whether that be strength, endurance, power or speed.

Monday & Tuesday – Strength

Our signature Strength and Conditioning class Rapid Fire focuses on Strength 2 days per week (mon/tues). Performing main compound movements and intricate accessory exercises Rapid Fire Strength is the foundation of all sessions at Unit 27 Dubai!

Wednesday & Thursday – Power

Our signature Strength and Conditioning class Rapid Fire focuses on Power 2 days per week (Wed/Thurs). Focusing on power based movements between both resistant and plyometric this class is sure to get the heart rate high, but providing you with ample rest, this is an integral part of the Unit 27 Dubai Schedule!

Class Time Frame:
  • 60 Minutes
  • Work time – 30 minutes
Maximum Number Of People:
  • 24 people
Class Level:
  • Beginner/Intermediate

Fitness · Dubai

So, we have finally made the move and instead of you having to fly to Thailand every year to be part of one of the best fitness experiences in the world, you can now come to us every morning if you’re local to Dubai or if you’re visiting, enjoy the beauty of Dubai and train at one of the best gyms in the world!

Just as we do in Thailand we are promising you the professional, safe and world famous Unit 27 experience. If you haven’t been with us before, then welcome, we can’t wait to show you how rewarding and enjoyable fitness can be!

Check out the link below to see Unit 27 Dubai’s blog which will soon be populated with training tips, weight loss tips, diet advice, upcoming events and so much more!

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Mobile App

Unit 27 Dubai has their own purpose built app in which you can sign up, buy your packages and book your classes. We will be releasing this soon, so keep an eye on the website and be sure to drop us an email so you get all the updates!